About Us

We aim to create the first-ever independent public Crimean Tatar media outlet. Our tasks include publicizing socially important information, creating a platform for exchanging ideas, highlighting the representative image of the Crimean Tatar community, and facilitating its interaction with the world.

Our overall objective is not only to produce as much content as possible in the Crimean Tatar language that is currently being endangered but also to provide Crimean Tatar translations for the content we already have at our disposal in other languages. 

We place our materials on various media platforms, providing access to our content without restrictions, opening the door to understanding and welcoming interaction. We are at home in the world of Crimean Tatar modernity and strive to free and strengthen Crimea with our audience.

* Cemaat is pronounced like “dzhemaat” and means people, community in Crimean Tatar language.